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KLEWTV Reports on Doceo Center Ribbon Cutting

The Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning held its ribbon cutting on April 4, and various dignitaries were in attendance to commemorate the event. KLEWTV aired the following report on the ribbon cutting on April 7:

Workshop Calendar

This schedule shows both university and K-12 professional development workshops. K-12 events are prefaced with a (K-12) marking before the event title. Click on any event title for more details. Click here to join an online session.

March 2014

Screenshot for March 2014
University of Idaho

The month of March has been full of final lab preparations for our grand opening on April 4. As part of preparations, we have had the chance to invite in a number of student groups representing both K-12 and college ages to try out the equipment and test the space. Dr. Brant Miller and Dr. Aleksandra Hollingshead, both faculty members in Curriculum and Instruction, have held their normally scheduled classes in the new space, and other groups that have come into the lab have include homeschool and youth groups. In these test sessions, students have been amazed at the technology available and the possibilities they can afford for education. Some of the technologies that students have been most excited about have included wearable technologies (e.g., Google Glass), interactive displays, and mobile technologies (e.g., tablets, pocket cameras).

Throughout this testing phase, we've been bug testing and fine-tuning the lab to be as functional and streamlined as possible, and we have made some major adjustments during the process (including improving wireless connectivity and ethernet capabilities in the classroom). Through this process, our technology provider Compview and University of Idaho Information Technology and Facilities Services have provided excellent support and helped us to get the lab to a state where we are excited to finally go online! Our grand opening on April 4th will include a ribbon cutting ceremony with a number of dignitaries and an open house for all interested parties from 12pm to 4pm.

Technology & Open Education Summer Institutes for Teachers

Screenshot for Technology & Open Education Summer Institutes for Teachers
University of Idaho

Come enjoy Moscow in the summer time, and build your proficiencies with technology in teaching!

The University of Idaho Doceo Center invites educators throughout Idaho to attend a free, three-day, technology-rich summer institute on Technology & Open Education.  The goal of each institute is to increase teachers’ technology proficiencies and to guide the creation of open, adaptive educational resources that may be freely used by educators throughout the state (and beyond).  As a concrete take-away of these institutes, you will begin working with other educators in the state to create standards-based, adaptive, open textbooks that may be used in your school and anywhere!

Institute sessions will be conducted in the brand new, cutting-edge Doceo Center Technology Integration Lab, which is located at the University of Idaho in beautiful Moscow, Idaho.

K-12 Web Systems: A Descriptive Web-Crawling Report on Idaho Schools

University of Idaho
Screenshot for K-12 Web Systems: A Descriptive Web-Crawling Report on Idaho Schools

To understand and support large-scale innovations with technology for K-12 education, it is essential to understand the practices, needs, and interests of K-12 institutions. Web-based information systems are of particular interest, because schools and districts use such systems to support a variety of functions ranging from instruction and classroom management to communications and reporting. Since K-12 institutions may utilize a variety of technologies to meet these needs and systems do not exist to track institutional use of web-systems from year-to-year, this report utilizes web-crawling of K-12 school websites to determine which web systems schools are using and categorizes them in terms of function, cost, and openness.

Results from this study reveal that Idaho K-12 schools utilize a variety of web systems to support local needs. The most prominent systems identified in terms of school adoption include: Google Sites, PowerSchool, Blackboard, Wordpress, SchoolLoop, and Blogspot. Each of these systems is adopted in accordance with either a top-down pattern (i.e. school adoption is led by the district or region) or a bottom-up pattern (i.e. district and regional adoption is led by individual schools). Blogspot is a clear example of bottom-up adoption, while Blackboard is a clear example of top-down adoption.

February 2014

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University of Idaho

February at the Doceo Center was packed with finishing up construction on our lab, sponsoring a conference, publishing book chapters, presenting at multiple conferences, beginning a new Faculty Fellows program, and exploring new tools.

Though it has been long in coming, our advanced technologies learning lab is now almost completely operational and ready for bug-testing and workshops in the month of March, and we are planning to hold an official ribbon-cutting ceremony in early April.  The purpose of the lab is to provide students, faculty, and K-12 teachers with a space for learning and exploring new technologies in a collaborative, flexible, and innovative manner.  The lab is equipped with six interactive displays, five collaboration stations, an AMX switching system, and a variety of devices including tablets, wearable technologies, and laptops.  With these technology resources, instructors will have full control over the display of information resources in the lab from a remote iPad app that will allow them to easily move around the lab and facilitate learning while still maintaining a level of control suitable for their learning activities.  When it is complete, the Doceo Center lab will be available to faculty for classroom use and workshops starting this semester, and through this lab, we will provide ongoing access to emergent technologies, research their effectiveness and educational uses, and demonstrate best practices for technology integration for the state.

2014 Idaho Google Apps Festival (North) Report

The University of Idaho Doceo Center sponsored the first ever Idaho Google Apps for Education Festival in Post Falls on February 15, 2014 (organized by Level 33 Consulting). This festival brought together K12 classroom teachers, administrators, and technology staff to explore the educational application and management of Google Apps for Education in school settings. Skilled presenters from California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington led sixteen sessions on topics including: Google Earth, Information Literacy, Accessibility, Scripting, and Google Hardware. In total, seventy-two (72) educators from Bonner’s Ferry to Blackfoot participated in the day-long conference, and through its grant provided by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, the Doceo Center was able to offer registration scholarships to most participants.

During the festival’s closing keynote, festival participants were asked to reflect on their experiences and to share feedback in an open online forum. Responses were overwhelmingly positive and highlighted the overall value of the experience for participants.

Setting up a Swivl and iPad Mini Combo

This video walks you through the basics of setting up a Swivl with an iPad mini.

A Swivl will allow a recording device to follow you around the classroom, and an iPad Mini can be set to record video and display the recording so that you can see it across the classroom. Together, the Swivl and iPad Mini can be a great combo for teachers to record their practice for sharing and feedback.

Recorded with Google Glass.

Teaching with Technology: A Report on Efforts with University of Idaho Faculty

University of Idaho
Screenshot for Teaching with Technology: A Report on Efforts with University of Idaho Faculty

As a part of the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning’s goal to improve student learning across the state of Idaho through effective technology integration, the center provides educators opportunities for professional development. As a team of four, we work to research and disperse innovative practices to further this initiative. While the center’s technology integration specialist for K-12 offers these opportunities to teachers and pre-service teachers serving grades K-12, higher education professionals are often overlooked when it comes to pedagogical development. Therefore, the Doceo Center hired a technology integration specialist for the University of Idaho to fill this gap and offer sessions for higher education faculty.

The Doceo Center is just one of many groups across campus that work to improve pedagogy. It is because of this that we must come to understand how we fit into the campus as a whole and not replicate any already existent efforts. By forming connections across campus, such as collaborating with Distance & Extended Education, we can utilize other resources on campus and widen our impact. Forming connections also allows the center to become familiar with individual college or department initiatives and assist with those when applicable. While the Doceo Center is not the only place on campus that innovation takes place, we seek to act as a hub where innovative efforts come together.

2014 Google Festival Scholarships

Screenshot for 2014 Google Festival Scholarships
University of Idaho

The University of Idaho Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning is pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships to the 2014 Google Festival in Coeur d'Alene. These scholarships are intended to support on-going professional development efforts for educators interested in incorporating technology into teaching and learning. These scholarships are available to all practicing K-12 teachers and technology coordinators and will be provided to selected recipients as a $145 reimbursement of registration fees after the festival.